Dog school & dog walking in Vienna

Dog training

Dog school: individual lessons in Arsenal, city or at your home. Puppies and adults (socialization & training & solving problems, e.g., leash pulling, resource guarding, separation anxiety, aggression, fear etc.)
Force-free dog training.

Dog walking

Dog walking: only 3. Bezirk and surroundings.

dog school

My name is Lenka Pacesova and I am a professional dog trainer located in Vienna.

I help owners to understand their dogs better and become their dog’s own trainer, without the use of physical punishment and aversive dog training tools.

I keep learning and embracing new experiences and attend conferences, such as:

  • The Lemonade Conference – IAABC & FDSA
  • Clicker Expo
  • Dog training and behavior: A positive approach – Dog Matters Institute
  • Empowered Dog’s International Dog Trainers Winter&Summer Summit
  • MET Conference
  • Pet Summits
  • Aggression In Dogs Conference
  • etc.

I also regularly take part on seminars, webinars and courses by the world’s best trainers and professionals like Ken Ramirez, Susan Garrett, Ian
Dunbar, Michael Shikashio, Gabby Harris, Grisha Stewart, Leslie McDevitt and many others.

I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer (Absolute Dogs), CBATI-KA (Grisha Stewart) and member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants).

PDT certificate